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Ningbo Sinoknit Co., Ltd. Quality Control

Sinoknit socks are very comfortable and breathable.Beautiful design, low price and good service.Highly recommended businessmen.

—— Zenin Andrew

Unique design, high quality products. Gold supplier, save me a lot of time to do the purchasing! Help me a lot in business! Thanks!

—— Dan Hetharia

Sinoknit can supply OEM & ODM service. I tell my idea to them, and they can design for me. I love it very much.

—— Mr. Jemshidbek

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Ningbo Sinoknit Co., Ltd.

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QC/Technical Support

Manufacturing Process - Quality Control in every step



Title: 1. Raw Materials

Introduction: We use a wide selection of yarns specified by our customers and their requirements. The yarn used determines the character of the sock; stretch, sweat absorbency, luster, warmth, etc. We dye and source our pre-dyed yarns from top quality suppliers, of which 90% are near our factory. This ensures that we do not have any delays due to overseas supply delays, and guarantees the quality as we can visit our sources easily and regularly

Title: 2. Knitting

Introduction: The knitting machine needles are mounted on a single cylinder (for plain socks) or a double cylinder (for ribbed socks). As the cylinder turns, the needles interlock loops of yarn, beginning at the top and working towards the toe

Title: 3. Linking - Different Links

Introduction: Once the sock has been knitted, the toe remains open. This stage is where the toe seam (gore) is created. We can link the socks using either hand linking, sometimes known as the seamless link, or automated linking.

Title: 4. Quality Control

Introduction: Our attentive QC staff check the socks for any defects such as missed stitches, holes in the seams or any flaws in the fabric of the sock. Any problem that is recurrent is reported to the line manager for investigation into the cause


Title: 5.Finishing

Introduction: The final process in the manufacture of our socks includes many different aspects which come together to finally complete a commercial item. These are:
a. Setting - Steam 
The shape of the sock is set by putting it on flat metal foot form templates and applying heat to it in the form of steam. This gives the sock its shape and 
smooth appearance.
b. Pairing
This is when we ensure that the two socks we put together match perfectly. With certain yarns there can be slight discrepancies in size, even from the same consignment. This process eliminates the chances of two socks of slightly differing size being put together.


Title: 6.Packing

Introduction: a.The socks themselves are only part of what sells; our customers have many different requirements when it comes to the presentation of their product. The packaging we can use for the products may consist of labels, bands, hangers, hang tags, riders, promotional stickers, UPC stickers or anything else that our customer requires. We use Thai companies to produce the labels, etc in order to reduce costs and delays caused by shipping; unless, of course, our customer would prefer us to import them from their current supplier
b.Metal detector (twice)
We use two detectors once the product is complete to ensure that no shards of metal are present in the socks. This can happen if needles break during knitting. This is a rarity; however, for the benefit and safety of our clients and their consumers, we feel this is anecessary step.


Standard:Technical Report


Issue Date:2014-08-06

Issued By:Bureau Veritas

Standard:Supplier Assessment Reports


Issue Date:2013-03-27

Ningbo Sinoknit Co., Ltd.

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